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"It's What We Do That Defines Us"

The Martial Artist Pledge


"On my honor, I pledge to live a life of black belt excellence. My word is my bond, my actions define me. My character guides me on this lifelong journey. My compassion knows no bounds. My fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and I are as one. One family, one goal, the pursuit of a sincere life. I am at your service. I am a Martial Artist."


Traditional Martial Arts

Black Belt Ring promotes character growth and personal development throughout the martial arts world. To fortify our bond as martial artists. To recognize those that are on the lifelong journey to live the martial arts philosophy. 

Martial art philosophy demands the achieving of harmonious values by individuals who live by peace, wisdom, morals, love and self-discipline through intellectual means. The primary goal of learning martial arts is to become a better person who lives with a greater understanding of society and also a greater expectation of a sincere life.

Regardless of styles, tenure, spiritual beliefs, gender, race, and endless other obstacles, we are martial artists dedicated to our arts, family, friends, and the endless pursuit to live life to the fullest guided by the truest of character. Let's build a better world one martial artist at a time.

A Message For The Martial Artist
"I tread carefully on this constant blurring road . Each step guided by my reflection in your eyes. My heart beats in rhythm with yours as our journey intertwines and I know my path to be true. I am humbled to know I travel in your footsteps, and that our skills, character, and compassion extends outside the confines of the dojo. My burden grows light at each opportunity of service and I gladly welcome each and every instance.  I am at your service, as your student, teacher, and friend with humility as my chosen gi. 

I respect you not for your rank or chosen style, but for your charitable and compassionate heart. I applaud not your fighting skills and knowledge of your art, but for your restraint in using them. I admire not your ability to master all techniques of your style, but in your ability to teach them to others. I praise not only your determination in living a sincere life, but in inspiring others to do so as well. I celebrate you, the martial artist, and your chosen lifelong journey."

by Servant

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The Rare Few That Give Us Hope
The sites listed below will lead you to some interesting people and organizations that are working towards building a better world through martial arts. We hope your time spent on these sites will inspire you to join the many that make a difference. 

Featured Newsletter Distributor
We at Black Belt Ring take pride in sharing inspiring and motivating newsletters distributed by martial artists worldwide. We highly recommend you subscribe to the newsletter distributed by American Hapkido Mixed Martial arts schools in Moorpark California. We applaud them for their contribution to the traditional martial arts philosophy of character development. Their students are highly skilled as well as in possession of good character.

Master Dan Anderson of American Hapkido is a great teacher. Some of his inspiring teachings can be found in his monthly newsletter distribution. Send an email. The August edition is amazing. Get added to the distribution list.
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